Category: Weekly Rundown

Week 7 Rundown

Just when you are least expecting it, college football comes out and throws in a little bit of chaos.  We knew it was going to be an entertaining weekend with Oklahoma-Texas, Florida-LSU, USC-Notre Dame, etc.  But the biggest result was

Week 6 Rundown

The big game of the weekend pitted Auburn on the road against Florida.  In front of a raucous crowd at the Swamp, reminiscent of the title winning days, the Gators won a very sloppy game over the Tigers.  Now Florida

Week 5 Rundown

It almost happened.  There was almost the out-of-nowhere colossal upset that would have created some upheaval.  But it wasn’t meant to be.  North Carolina came one horrible two point play call away from beating #1 Clemson.  If anything, this game

Week 4 Rundown

Week 4 has come to pass and that means many teams have already played a quarter of their schedules.  There is still one weekend left in September to go, but the national landscape is coming clearly into focus already.  It

Week 3 Rundown

Week 3 was quite interesting.  While there were no matchups between ranked teams, plenty of results were intriguing.  It looks like the September national champion Maryland won’t end up making the Playoff after all.  In typical fashion they have a

Week 2 Rundown

It was a pretty typical early season week for college football.  Lots of blowouts against FCS teams and uneven non-conference games.  Texas A&M-Clemson was one of the big games going into the weekend.  But Clemson controlled that game from start

Week 1 Rundown

An opening week that only had one game between ranked teams ended up providing plenty of intrigue.  There were many instances where it was shown age is but a number.  True freshman quarterbacks making 4th quarter comebacks, senior citizen coaches

National Championship Rundown

The Clemson Tigers are the national champs!  Many people thought they could win the game, but I’m not sure how many thought they would win by a margin so large.  They destroyed Alabama to the tune of 44-16.  They only

Week 14 Rundown

It’s amazing that college football is even able to field a Playoff field of 4 teams.  No, really.  If you really hate yourself, you can read the comment section of an article by a national college football writer.  Or more

Week 13 Rundown

Rivalry week ended up being a cornucopia of points.  Lots of times rivals will hold down the points against each other, but that was nowhere near the case this weekend.  You can’t lead off talking about the week without the