Top Week 14 Scores

katcub33 346 Premier League
kmbmizzou 244 $25 League
jestes3 233 $10 League
Terminator Kanks 223 $10 League
bhpburke 209 $50 League
We're with the Vipers 203 $25 League
jphack23 193 $25 League
#JakeKnowledge 193 $50 League
jwags16 188 Premier League
Jim Mace 174 Multiple Leagues

Top Overall Scores

Terminator Kanks 6625 $10 League
#JakeKnowledge 6526 Premier League
bhpburke 6375 $50 League
Ficker2 6304 $10 League
#JakeKnowledge 6159 $50 League
donlauer 6131 Multiple Leagues
5 min of research 6070 $10 League
jphack23 6067 $25 League
jphack23 6052 $10 League
10 min of research 6044 $10 League

Top Scoring Teams

Week 2 Recap

Welcome back to a crazy CFB season!  What the hell happened? It seemed like the P5 schools were imploding everywhere - Einhorn was Finkle and Finkle was Einhorn! The Sun Belt just went scorched earth on the P5 teams and I loved every second of it even if it meant some of my teams are total crap and my season might be over already. App State over A&M, Marshall took down Notre Dame, and the coupe de grace, GA Southern beats the punching bag Huskers. Made a tear come to my eye.  All Nebraska owners can see a sliver of hope with Scott Frost getting canned. Even the FCS teams had a day.  Holy Cross won on a last second Hail Mary to beat Buffalo (you gotta go watch that if you haven’t). The legendary Eastern Kentucky beat Bowling Green in OT and Weber St put a hurt on Utah State.  Those Utah State picks are going to hurt the rest of the way - my sympathies.  Read more...

Week 1 Recap

Welcome one, welcome all to our new-ish/old-ish weekly roundup.  I haven’t done one of these in years so bear with me as I shake off the cobwebs.  For those of you new to this whole CFB fantasy thing over here at Jacknife, in our roundup we’ll hit the highlights and sad, dreadful low lights that some of us would like to just ignore for the remainder of the season (insert sad noises).  We’ll call out specific users for their amazingly lucky picks and harp on the god awful picks that some of you will be blessed to deal with for the remainder of the season.  Strap in cuz we’ve got a ways to go folks.

Let us start out with the games and where better to start then what’s fresh on our minds…..LSU vs Florida St.  WOW is all I can say.  For those of you that watched the entire game, I’d assume you’re into self torture of some sort since there was a ton of suffering to get to the amazing finish, but I guess that’s the point, right?  FSU seems as if they’ll do everything in the book to not win a game but somehow crash face first across the finish line to start 2-0 on the season.  As for LSU, they have a ton of issues to shore up, but I fully expect them to slowly improve over the season, as long as the players can take the open criticism from Brian Kelly.  It seems a few players are already fed up with him after 1 game, wiping their social media of anything LSU because they had a bad game - kids these days am I right?  The good news for FSU is that they have seemingly righted the ship as Norvell is now 10-3 in his last 13 games.  They have a tough schedule, but that’s just a potential for a ton of points moving forward, boom or bust pick from the start.  Soak it up FSU fans, you might finally be right after years of being horribly wrong.  Read more...

Week 0 Scores

Copy and past from last year.  The 2022 season kicked off, and Nebraska fans have already written their season off...again.  Below are what the teams scored from Week 0.  So if you had submissions with teams that played this weekend, below are their scores.  We won't be posting all the league pages with people's picks until the deadline next week.
Nevada - 58 points
New Mexico State - -3 points
W. Kentucky - 59 points
Nebraska - 12 points
Northwestern - 52 points
UNLV - 74 points
UConn - 9 points
Utah State - 62 points
Wyoming - -18 points
Illinois - 82 points
Florida State - 80 points
Charlotte - -13 points
Florida Atlantic - 84 points
North Carolina - 83 points
North Texas - 57 points
UTEP - -3 points
Vanderbilt - 100 points
Hawaii - -17 points


Take a deep dive into the statistics as they relate to the Jacknife scoring system.  Does an offense based on passing or rushing tend to score more points?  How much does defense play into a team scoring high and taking your roster to victory?  Get lost in the stats and start forming your game plan for selecting teams this upcoming season!

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