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Top Bowls Scorers

Givin Out Spankins 742 $25 League
Fresh 717 $50 League
jjhack32 707 Premier League
Suhre 702 Premier League
Furrball 699 Multiple Leagues
jjahck32 626 $25 League
Papa Roepke 607 $25 League
Fresh 606 Premier League
MoLnAr69 593 Saturday Boyz
Notorious JUB 587 Premier League

Top Overall Scores

JFicker10 7564 $10 League
jkaibel 7348 Premier League
Tin Man 7314 Multiple Leagues
JFicker10 7311 Multiple Leagues
Suhre 7294 Premier League
Notorious JUB 7265 Premier League
jjhack32 7226 Premier League
Mean Machine 7154 Multiple Leagues
Furrball 7140 Multiple Leagues
ABag 7136 Premier League

National Championship Rundown

The Clemson Tigers are the national champs!  Many people thought they could win the game, but I'm not sure how many thought they would win by a margin so large.  They destroyed Alabama to the tune of 44-16.  They only allowed 3 points after the first quarter.  Quite the performance.  But I guess Alabama wasn't motivated, so don't give Clemson too much credit.  That's what happens when an SEC team loses a bowl game.  It's clear they weren't happy to be there.  Beware the curse of the 1 seed.  A popular stat going around now is that no #1 seed has won the College Football Playoff yet.  Since that is a popular statement, it probably means that will be reversed next year.  Also beware the curse of the "best team of all time" talk.  So many times people try to start figuring out a team's placement in the greatest teams of all time before the championship is even played.  I supposed they need something to talk about with all the time between the end of the season and the bowls.  But it usually seems like that team ends up losing the game and all that talk is moot.  Read more...

The National Championship

The bowl season is a wrap.  All that is left is the national championship game between #1 Alabama and #2 Clemson.  They are meeting for what feels like the 17th straight year, but is technically the 4th straight year in the Playoff.  Two times they have met for the national championship with each winning once.  Then Alabama beat them last year in the semifinal on the way to another national championship.  This season has felt like a season of inevitability.  Very rarely does the top 2 preseason favorites actually make it all the way through the season as the top 2 teams.  Read More...


Take a deep dive into the statistics as they relate to the Jacknife scoring system.  Does an offense based on passing or rushing tend to score more points?  How much does defense play into a team scoring high and taking your roster to victory?  Get lost in the stats and start forming your game plan for selecting teams this upcoming season!

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