Top Week 3 Scores

Not Your Jam Boy 770 $50 League
Fresh #2 743 $25 League
Givin Out Spankins 724 $10 League
Scott B 717 Premier League
Crown Royal #2 646 $10 League
Hook Em' 643 $25 League
katcub33 626 $25 League
OleMissColReb 624 $50 League
jmccoy 618 $10 League
Twags 617 $10 League

Top Overall Scores

Givin Out Spankins 1945 $10 League
katcub33 1814 $25 League
Not your Jam Boy 1751 $50 League
steale 1692 $25 League
JFicker10 1688 $10 League
jkaibel 1666 $10 League
Twags 1662 $10 League
Givin Out Spankins 1661 Premier League
jmbrase 1654 Premier League
rickerz66 1653 $10 League

2019 Leagues

Top Scoring Teams

Week 3 Rundown

Week 3 was quite interesting.  While there were no matchups between ranked teams, plenty of results were intriguing.  It looks like the September national champion Maryland won't end up making the Playoff after all.  In typical fashion they have a terrible letdown after a blazing start to the season.  They are still sitting atop the Jacknife standings though.  That's how big their opening two weeks were.  In other weird result Kansas snapped a 48 road game losing streak to Power 5 opponents.  Maybe we should have known something was going to happen since it was Friday the 13th.  And it wasn't some lucky result either.  They pounded Boston College in that game.  In fact, it was a pretty good weekend for the Big XII outside of Texas Tech.  Kansas State went on the road and beat Mississippi State.  Oklahoma, Texas, TCU, West Virginia, and Oklahoma State all won big.  Iowa State lost to Iowa in a weird game, but that's always a weird game.  Read more...

Week 3 Picks

It is now Week 3 in the season.  So far it is still a small sample size to figure out teams, but there are some trends that are potentially emerging.  The obvious is that Clemson is probably going to go unchallenged all season.  It looked like Texas A&M and Syracuse would be the toughest tests for the Tigers heading into the season.  They dominated A&M and now Syracuse doesn't look that great coming off a 43 point drubbing at the hands of Maryland.  The other trend is that the blue bloods continue to dominate the top of the rankings.  Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Oklahoma, and Ohio State sit at the top of the rankings.  It feels like it's that way every year.  Can someone crash the Playoff party this year?  Can there be some random upset that makes no sense and throws the season into chaos?  One can hope!  Read more...

Week 2 Rundown

It was a pretty typical early season week for college football.  Lots of blowouts against FCS teams and uneven non-conference games.  Texas A&M-Clemson was one of the big games going into the weekend.  But Clemson controlled that game from start to finish.  A&M saw how the Tigers dominated with the running game the week before, so they stacked the box and held Travis Etienne in check.  So that's fine because Clemson has a pretty good quarterback in Trevor Lawrence who carved up the defense.  Read more...

Week 2 Picks

This week has a couple of marquee games as Texas A&M-Clemson and LSU-Texas face off.  These two games more than likely will have major implications in shaping the national title picture going forward.  Texas A&M only lost by 2 points at home to Clemson last year.  This time they have to go on the road, but what kind of tectonic shift in the national narrative will happen if Clemson goes down?  LSU fancies itself a contender and is aiming to knock Alabama off its perch in the SEC west.  Even if they lose this game, the SEC is still achievable.  If you win the SEC you are in the Playoff.  Read more...

Week 1 Rundown

An opening week that only had one game between ranked teams ended up providing plenty of intrigue.  There were many instances where it was shown age is but a number.  True freshman quarterbacks making 4th quarter comebacks, senior citizen coaches winning football games.  One of those true freshman quarterbacks is Bo Nix who engineered a second half comeback against Oregon that included a last second touchdown pass to win the game.  Read more...

Week 1 Picks

College football season is back!  As always, it was a long offseason to slog through to get back to this point.  Last week we were served a taste of the season when Florida-Miami and Arizona-Hawaii faced off.  Just in those two games a top 10 team almost went down despite dominating the line of scrimmage, and a Group of 5 team knocked off a Power 5 team.  This first full weekend of games doesn't have as many marquee matchups as the past few years of week 1 games.  We all thought that big non-conference matchups would become the norm when they switched to the Playoff system, and it seemed like it was going to be that way.  Maybe this is a one year blip, or maybe it's the same-old same-old as teams see even with the new system you are penalized much harsher for losing against a quality opponent than you are for beating an overmatched FCS foe.  Read more...


Take a deep dive into the statistics as they relate to the Jacknife scoring system.  Does an offense based on passing or rushing tend to score more points?  How much does defense play into a team scoring high and taking your roster to victory?  Get lost in the stats and start forming your game plan for selecting teams this upcoming season!

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