Week 7 Rundown

We have entered the alternate dimension.  What in the name of Eggo Waffles is going on here?!  Just when you think you have things figured out, you go into a weekend with no match ups between ranked teams, you have 4 top ten teams go down.  It all started on Friday the 13th with #2 Clemson and #8 Washington State losing on the road as double digit favorites.  It continued into the weekend with #5 Washington and #10 Auburn going down.  Auburn blew a 20 point lead against LSU.  Washington's offense which was averaging 43 points per game, could only manage to score 7 points against a defense giving up 36 points per game.

What other strange things were happening?  Oklahoma almost blew their own 20 point lead against archrival Texas.  They needed a late 4th quarter drive to recover and win.  Miami needed another miracle finish to beat Georgia Tech in a monsoon.  USC held on to beat Utah by 1 point after Utah blew a 14 point lead and decided to go for 2 at the end for the win.  Michigan needed overtime to beat Indiana.  San Diego State got destroyed by a mediocre Boise State team.  West Virginia scored 29 straight points on Texas Tech to earn a victory over a ranked opponent.  Memphis beat Navy to round out the ranked teams getting beaten by unranked foes.  Texas A&M won in the state of Florida.  Boston College scored 45 points...in one game!  So much for a boring weekend.

Some things are same old, same old.  Alabama wins again.  Ohio State has an early season loss and starts climbing back up the rankings.  Stanford has a couple early season losses and starts its yearly trek to being a top scoring team in the Jacknife leagues again.  People overreact to every single week declaring teams dead for the Playoff and nobody every plays anybody good and everybody's wins are actually overrated.  We are half way through the season and so much has happened.  It's going to be a fun 2nd half.

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