Year 4 of Jacknife Sports Online

This is the 4th year (!) we will have Jacknife Sports online.  It has come a long way in the 4 years.  Last season we created a layout that was easy to navigate and users seemed to like.  This year instead of completely revamping the site trying to find something that works, we have given the site more of a refresh.  The home page is going to have more information linking website visitors to actual professional writers about the sport.  We want this to be an all-encompassing college football site where people come to participate in our awesome leagues, and come to get college football news.  All of our league information will still be here for everyone to keep enjoying the best fantasy game going on.  We are continuing to expand our library of stats and are deep-diving into our stats even before we took this online.  As always, we are continually trying to improve the site, so if you have any comments, criticisms, suggestions use the contact form and drop us a note.  We are only a couple months away from releasing the rankings for the coming season so you can start assembling your roster for the season.  Spread the word to people you know to keep growing the league.  The more people, the more fun!

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