Week 6 Rundown

Every result has to be put in the bigger picture, and the bigger picture is starting to clear a bit.  Some teams are already halfway through their schedules and it's becoming apparent the hierarchy for the season.  Alabama and then everyone else.  But beyond the Crimson Tide, the SEC is starting to rise and notably it is the SEC east doing it.  They have been down for years but Georgia is one of the top teams.  Florida is rising after an early stumble.  Kentucky is having a once a decade good year.  Even though LSU lost they are probably Alabama's biggest contender in the west, meaning they will keep it within 4 touchdowns when they play.  Ohio State is clearly in the upper tier.  Clemson looks like it most weeks.  And then Notre Dame is starting to get there.

The Irish are on the way to creating Playoff Armageddon - at least in the eyes of a few Power 5 conferences.  If Notre Dame makes the Playoff, and the SEC puts in two teams again, that means three (three!) Power 5 conferences are left out.  Of course all those Playoff predictions before the official first Playoff rankings come out are about 100% guaranteed not to happen, but it's fun to speculate.  The Irish have really taken off the past 3 weeks since their QB change.

The Big XII is really hurting its Playoff chances by beating each other every week.  Texas beat Playoff contender Oklahoma in their annual rivalry game.  Texas is back!  Don't you love all the "blue blood program X is back!" articles/headlines every year?  Just wait until Scott Frost turns it around at Nebraska.  The PAC 12 After Dark is really just the PAC 12 in the Dark.  Nobody from that conference is on anybody's radar.  Stanford is gone after getting pummeled by Utah at home.  Washington is the most underwhelming 5-1 team in the country.  Oregon looks exciting again but suffered a terrible loss to Stanford.

The ACC has Clemson and Miami.  Even Miami had to mount an epic 4th quarter comeback to defeat a terrible Florida State squad.  There is bound to be some crazy results over the next month and a half that vaults someone we counted out back into the national conversation and knocks someone who was thought to be on very solid ground out.  It's college football after all.

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