Week 4 Rundown

Week 4 has come to pass and that means many teams have already played a quarter of their schedules.  There is still one weekend left in September to go, but the national landscape is coming clearly into focus already.  It is another top heavy season with a pretty clear top tier of teams.  Out of the newest AP poll, 3 of the top 4 and 5 of the top 10 teams are from the SEC.  The Jacknife power rankings are starting to sort themselves out that way too.  They always look a little strange at the beginning of the year with the lopsided non-conference games.  But once things settle down they start to trend the same way as the voters.

There were some marquee matchups this past week, but it didn't seem like anything happened that wasn't expected.  Georgia took care of Notre Dame in a slugfest.  Auburn went on the road and beat Texas A&M, which is a little surprising, but not unexpected.  Clemson, Alabama, LSU, Ohio State all rolled in their matchups.

One thing that maybe was a little surprising was how bad Michigan was beat by Wisconsin.  It looks like Michigan still hasn't "modernized" that offense.  Wisconsin is back to its old ways after a down year.  The Big 10 looks like it is going to come down to Ohio State and Wisconsin this year.

In other conference matchups, Texas beat Oklahoma State in a shootout.  Oregon beat Stanford 21-6, showing Stanford has some serious offensive issues this year.  USC beat Utah with essentially their 4th string quarterback.  If USC didn't have their original backup transfer, this guy was going to be 4th on the depth chart.  The PAC 12 is down to one undefeated team, Cal.  They went on the road to SEC land and beat Ole Miss.

UCF finally lost a regular season game, and it was to Pitt of all teams.  Virginia had to come back to beat Old Dominion.  Florida State gave up another huge lead but came back to win.  Michigan State showed it still has some ability to score points in beating Northwestern by 21.

It was a pretty interesting week.  Hopefully the next 75% of the season has a little bit of chaos thrown in there!

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