Week 2 Rundown

Streaks are meant to be broken and FCS teams are meant to take a beating.  The college football world felt like the good old days this past weekend.  If it seemed like there were a bunch of shutouts, it was because there were.  There were 6 of them.  We don't have a research department, but that feels like close to a record.  And two historic streaks were snapped this weekend.  Kansas won a road game for the first time in 46 tries.  It was their first road win since September 12th, 2009.  Netflix mailing DVDs was still their main business model back then.  Florida got taken down by Kentucky for the first time since 1986.  You would think this is basketball season leading off with Kansas and Kentucky.  But not too much of consequence happened this weekend.  Clemson won a road battle at Texas A&M which had a drama-filled 4th quarter.  Don't stretch for the pylon!  Does that ever work? But it was one of those "loss-that-felt-like-a-win" games for A&M.

The crazy Herm Edwards experiment is working for two weeks at least as the Sun Devils upset fringe Playoff hopeful Michigan State.  And speaking of teams in the desert, Arizona is shaping up to be a complete disaster.  Goodbye, Khalil Tate Heisman campaign.  Goodbye, Kevin Sumlin honeymoon period.  Houston DESTROYED them.  Houston is a good team, but good grief.

For most top teams it was ho-hum week.  Notre Dame did Notre Dame things by looking terrible in a win.  The SEC west looked ok with some FCS/Group of 5 beatdowns (Alabama, Auburn, LSU), and Mississippi State actually travelling outside of SEC country for a road game and getting a win against K-State.  Just ignore Arkansas losing to Colorado State who had already been beaten by Hawaii.  I should say the now 3-0 Rainbow Warriors.  Georgia had an easy time at a place they usually struggle at when they went to South Carolina and beat them down.

Stanford shut down USC but still looks like it is trying to find itself on offense.  Oklahoma routed UCLA but lost starting tailback Rodney Anderson for the year with a knee injury.  Ohio State routed another over-matched opponent.  Wisconsin is apparently going to be a second half team just like last year.  Other than that, a pretty old school feel to college football this past weekend.  And we didn't even mention Florida State almost losing to Samford.  Just shows how irrelevant the Seminoles have become.  And boy did that happen quickly.  Seems just like yesterday Florida State was "back" after that national title.

The prevalence of shutouts led to many high scores throughout the Jacknife leagues this week.  Lots of big movers and teams putting up big scores.  The standings are always volatile these first few weeks as teams beat up their FCS foes.  Don't get down if you fell down the standings.  You can just as easily be a big mover next week.


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