Week 11 Rundown

That was an uneventful weekend.  Nothing very earth shattering happened this past week.  The top of the top kept on winning.  Oklahoma had the biggest scare to survive out of the top teams.  Throw those records out when it is a rivalry game.  Alabama is on a quest to not give up a point in November as they shut out another top 25 opponent.  And Northwestern has clinched the Big 10 West!  That's right.  A team that is 6-4 clinched a spot in their conference championship game with 2 weeks to go.  This has been a strange season.  The top is very good, and the rest is just crazy.  But it doesn't feel crazy because the top is so steady.

Notre Dame is getting close to punching their ticket to the Playoff.  Who would have thought at the beginning of the year that their game against Syracuse would be such a big game and a resume booster.  What a fall for Florida State when a Notre Dame-Florida State game doesn't even register in the national scene.

Washington State is still the lone hope for the PAC 12 as that conference is mired in mediocrity.  USC is on the verge of missing a bowl game.  Arizona State still controls its path to the conference championship.  And despite the horribly disappointing season Washington is having, they could still win the PAC 12 north by beating Oregon State and Washington State.  That about sums up the PAC 12 season.

The Big 10 is going to be Michigan or bust as far as Playoff hopes go.  I don't see how anybody can think Ohio State is one of the top 4 teams in the country after their blowout loss to Purdue and putrid performances against Nebraska and Michigan State.  Even if they beat Michigan and make the Big 10 title game, a win against a minimum-4-loss Northwestern won't move the needle.

The ACC is obviously all Clemson.  Their opponent in the ACC championship game is looking like.....Pitt?!  Pitt has not been ranked a single week this entire season.  No one has ever said this year that they got to catch the Pitt game this week.  Like Northwestern they have 4 losses already.  But as long as they beat Wake Forest and Miami (definitely not crazy) they will win their division.  Even if they lose one of those, they still have the tiebreaker over Virginia, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, and Duke.  That about sums up this college football season in a nutshell.

The top is very good and the rest is crazy, weird, but entertaining.

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