Week 10 Rundown

Didn't see that coming.  We know Iowa is a place where strange results happen.  Usually the scores of those upsets are like 19-17 or something weird.  But the Hawkeyes put a 31 point beatdown on the Buckeyes.  Then Penn State went and lost to Michigan State on the road.  It's not looking good for the Big 10 to get a team in the Playoff right now.  But another few crazy weeks and that could all change.  But it seems like Iowa finally got a head shot on the zombie Buckeyes.  No more back from the dead of an early season loss to make the Playoff.

Alabama, Georgia, Notre Dame, and Clemson all took care of business.  You would expect the top 4 to remain unchanged for this week.  Oklahoma won a wild one in the Bedlam game against Oklahoma State.  The PAC 12 keeps beating up on each other with Washington State handling Stanford and USC beating the Khalil Tate show.  Miami is starting to separate itself as the team to take on Clemson in the ACC Championship.  And don't forget that the Big 12 has a championship game this year again.  So we will see some sort of rematch between the top teams there.  The last few weeks of the season should be very entertaining.

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