Week 1 Rundown

Week 1 is in the books!  Mostly.  The annual college Labor Day Monday night game is still to come.  But after months and months of magazines and podcast predicting what will happen, we finally have some real results to analyze.  And most of the results don't really change many of the perceptions going into the season.  The big match up between Washington and Auburn was a hard fought game with Auburn coming out on top.  That will big for them at the end of the season if they are in contention for a Playoff spot.  It doesn't necessarily mean doom for the Huskies' Playoff chances but they have much less margin of error going forward.

Notre Dame took care of a ranked Michigan team.  Alabama predictably decimated Louisville - just don't ask about the quarterbacks.  Penn State survived Appalachian State in OT.  Texas fell on their faces against Maryland just like last year.  There were quite a few teams that started off slow but ended up winning comfortably.  And those Group of 5 teams put some big whoopin's on their FCS foes, unlike most of the Power 5 teams.  There were also a couple games canceled due to weather.  Usually it's because there is a hurricane, but this year it was severe thunderstorms.  Sorry everyone that picked either Nebraska or Iowa State.  Looks like your teams get one less game.

There were some big scores put up in the Jacknife leagues this week.  That's always the case these first few weeks as teams take care of their cupcakes.  Still a long way to go so no one is out of it yet.  Don't start second guessing and writing off your picks just yet!

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