Top Overall Scores

Brandon Ohms 2640 Premier League
Bowls Out! 2409 $10 League
King Flippy Nips 2400 $50 League
CWags17 2315 $10 League
Jim Mace 2289 Multiple Leagues
JakefromStateFarm 2279 $10 League
katcub33 2273 $10 League
Ficker2 2258 Multiple Leagues
Gray Busch 2257 $50 League
Brandon Ohms 2255 $25 League

Top Week 4 Scores

Bowls Out! 659 $10 League
JakefromStateFarm 622 $10 League
Brandon Ohms 601 Premier League
Jim Mace 582 Multiple Leagues
katcub33 580 Premier League
Tamnik 561 $10 League
CWags17 560 $10 League
Brandon Ohms 558 $25 League
5 min of research 551 $10 League
katcub33 545 $10 League

Top Scoring Teams

Week 4 Recap

That went off the rails quickly.  Clemson suffered a second loss in the month of September.  A team that has been a model of consistency and reloading for the past decade, has finally fallen on some hard times.  It looks like Alabama is the only team that can keep churning out amazing teams year after year.  Clemson is 105th in the nation in scoring at 22.3 point per game.  Honestly, I was surprised to see it that high.  That probably tells you what sort of struggles they are going through.  They are 5th in the nation in defensive scoring at 12 points per game, but if you can't score, that doesn't matter.  Oklahoma fans were booing their quarterback that was a Heisman favorite a few weeks ago.  The Sooners are still undefeated, but it feels like they are on the brink of dropping one of these close games.  Not that USC was a serious contender at this point, but getting blown out at home to Oregon State is not a good sign for the state of the program - even after signs were bad firing their coach after the second game. Read more...

Week 3 Recap

This season feels like it is teetering on the edge of complete chaos.  What are we to make of the top contenders coming into the season?  Alabama won, but actually looked mortal for the first time in forever.  Oklahoma could barely muster a win against a Nebraska team that was ready to fire its coach after the first game of the season.  Clemson already has a lost, and instead of an aberration, it looks like that game was an indicator that they can't score touchdowns this year.  Ohio State struggled with Tulsa until pulling away late.  What does it all mean?  Does it mean Georgia is going to emerge as the best team?  Can Oregon stake a claim?  Although Oregon's biggest win is now looking a tad suspect with Ohio State struggling.  Could this finally be the year a Group of 5 team makes the Playoff?  Cincinnati has a huge game against Notre Dame coming up.  If they win that and teams finally succumb to the chaos, it's quite possible we might see it happen. Read more...

Week 2 Recap

The weekend with a lack of top 25 matchups went ahead and produced an early season, landscape-altering result in the big matchup of the week as Oregon took down Ohio State on the road.  This is more a of boon for Oregon than it is a death knell for Ohio State.  If there is anything we have learned in the past, it's that brand name programs get the benefit of the doubt for an early season loss.  When it comes to determining the Playoff spots at the end of the year, don't be surprised if Ohio State is right there if this ends up being their only loss.  Oregon on the other hand solidified its spot among contenders, but appear to have no margin of error going forward.  The PAC 12 is not looking too great in terms of strength of conference.  USC getting walloped by Stanford is not a good sign.  Utah was downed by BYU.  Oregon's supposed major roadblock in the North, Washington, is already 0-2, after their loss to Michigan.  Maybe Michigan can finally step up and take down Ohio State's grip on the Big 10?  Probably not. Read more...

Week 1 Recap

The only constants in life are death, taxes, and Alabama football dominating.  What an opening week of surprising results.  How much second guessing of picks is already going on across the Jacknife leagues?  The good news is, college football fans never overreact to Week 1 results, because they know there are still 3 months of football to go.  But those national title contenders did not look like national title contenders this week.  It started off with Ohio State trailing Minnesota at half and needing late in the game to put them away.  Oklahoma's improved defense was nowhere to found against Tulane and the Green Wave were driving for the winning score.  Clemson and Georgia couldn't muster an offensive touchdown between the two of them.  Maybe we need to look to the top tier of the Group of 5 teams for that next team behind Alabama?  Cincinnati and Coastal Carolina put on some beatings like we were expecting of the other teams.  Who knows?  Maybe it will be one of those 2007-type seasons. Read more...

Week 1 Picks

College football season is back!  As always, it was a long offseason to slog through to get back to this point.  This seemed like an extra long offseason even though there was a season last year.  It was just a strange year.  Some teams played basically full seasons.  Some teams didn't play at all.  Other teams ended up only playing a handful of games before all their other games were canceled.  It feels like they are pushing ahead with a full season this year.  So after a season off because we had no idea how would we would rank teams, Jacknife Sports is back!  The interest in the Sun Belt and MAC is back in high gear! Read more...

Week 0 Scores

The 2021 season kicked off, and Nebraska fans have already written their season Week 0.  It sure was nice to see a few games as an appetizer to the first full weekend of games.  It looks like this season will go off as normal, and college football fans everywhere are celebrating...except Nebraska fans.  Below are what the teams scored from Week 0.  We won't be posting all the league pages with people's picks until the deadline next week.
Fresno State - 99 points
UCLA - 83 points
San Jose State - 72 points
UTEP - 71 points
Illinois - 42 points
Nebraska - 5 points
Hawaii - -9 points
New Mexico State - -13 points
UConn - -49 points


Take a deep dive into the statistics as they relate to the Jacknife scoring system.  Does an offense based on passing or rushing tend to score more points?  How much does defense play into a team scoring high and taking your roster to victory?  Get lost in the stats and start forming your game plan for selecting teams this upcoming season!

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