League Set Up

If you are reading this, then that only means one thing.......the college football season is upon us and the best fantasy college football game EVER!!  Jacknife College Football is going to take your Saturdays and make them meaningful again.

Before you get started, be sure to review our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

We ask for your patience as we still learn to build this website.  Eventually we will evolve into perfection, but only with your help.  So please notify us of any glitches or mistakes that you come across.  That is the only way we can make this website what it needs to be.  We have a ton of ideas to go forward to make your College Football experience even better.

Only One Rule: anyone and everyone is welcome to play as long as you register.

For 1st timers and even experienced players, please read the entire description below to catch the run down on the leagues and how it all works with the changes for the new website.

You'll need to click the Register Button on the home page or the bottom of this page.  After you register there will be different leagues to enter.  The entry fee will depend on the league you enter.

For those that haven't played before, here's how the league works (pretty simple):

  • Enter a league.  You can enter more than one league, and submit multiple entries.
  • Once you are there, pick (10) teams that are worth equal to/less than $10,000.
  • Submit your (10) teams before the 1st game of the season starts.

We will use the AP Top 25 Poll for rankings until the College Football Playoff Rankings come out in October/November.

Scoring for each week is based on the point system that is listed on the Scoring System page- too many categories to mention here, but pretty straight forward.

After you submit your teams, just sit back and cheer for your 10 teams to kick serious butt all season long.  There is nothing that needs to be changed from week to week.  You just ride out the season with the 10 teams that you pick, and check in on the website as often as possible. Every game counts toward your aggregate score for the season.

Now when we say "Every game counts"...we mean it.  Some teams will make it to a bowl game, and some won't.  Some teams will make it to their conference championship game, and some won't.  So if you choose wisely, you can have a couple of extra games added to your total.

Other than that it's pretty simple.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to send an email to us.  And don't be afraid to send this to friends and family.  Everyone is welcome.

Good Luck,

Jacknife Sports