Week 1 Rundown

It felt so good to have college football back on again from 11:00 in the morning until 1:00 in the morning.  It was quite the eventful Week 1.  Alabama and Florida State was the premier match up of the weekend.  Those are some nasty defenses on those 2 teams.  It was a close game going into the 4th quarter but the FSU defense couldn't hold back the Tide anymore.  The Seminoles' special teams constantly put them in terrible positions and they actually did pretty decent.  Deondre Francois went down with a knee injury, but we don't know how severe yet.  It didn't look good so who knows how it will affect their season.

In other week action the USC hype train almost derailed in week 1.  They were tied going into the 4th with Western Michigan before pulling away.  Sam Darnold had 0 TD passes.  Might want to pump the brakes on that Heisman campaign.  The Texas hype train fully derailed in the first week.  Cue the fancy locker jokes and all the other cliche jokes that Tom Herman had spouted all summer.  Losing to Maryland while giving up 51 points already has the locals restless over their savior coach.

There were a lot of close calls with FCS teams and there were a lot of FCS team getting blown out.  There were even a few FCS wins.  Baylor went down to Liberty.  East Carolina lost to James Madison.  Tennessee State downed Georgia State.  Howard beat UNLV.  There are going to be a lot of scores that are out of whack due to the FCS matchups.  Fresno State already scored more points in this week than did all of last year.  Week 1 is classic time for overreactions for both people in this league and for the college football season big picture.  Let's wait a few weeks and see if those initial reactions were warranted.

There were some high scores this week.  The $10 League looks pretty tough right now.  We will see if that continues or if those scores were propped up with some bottom feeder conference teams beating up on some FCS clubs.  It's going to be a great year!

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