2020 Stat Corrections

Every week we try to update games as soon as they go final.  Sometimes the stats from the box scores are not finalized when we do the update.  Every Wednesday we go back and double check the stats.  A lot of times there are some variations from the stats we entered.  Or sometimes we key in something wrong.  It's a lot of data to manually enter.  For example, sometimes they will not have the sack numbers correct or they will take away rushing/passing yards depending on if a pass ended up being a lateral.  Many times these stat corrections have no impact on our scoring.  If a team goes from 179 yards rushing to 172 yards rushing, there's no impact on our scoring system.  But revised sack totals or if rushing/passing yards cross our bonus point thresholds (up or down), then that obviously will affect scoring.  So we are going to list the stat corrections that we do every Wednesday here.

Week 4

TCU pass yards 400 to 399
Virginia rush yards 120 to 188

LSU rush yards 81 to 80
LSU pass yards 344 to 345

Week 3

Coastal Carolina rush yards 195 to 193
Duke rush yards 100 to 134
Boston College pass yards 399 to 300
Boston College fumbles lost 9 to 0

Duke pass yards 134 to 217
The Citadel rush yards 87 to 86
UTEP points 14 to 17

Week 2

Army rush yards 236 to 239
Duke rush yards 75 to 79
Austin Peay rush yards 3 to 1
Missouri State rush yards 55 to 54

Oklahoma sacks 3 to 4
South Alabama rush yards 83 to 65
South Alabama pass yards 336 to 321

Week 1

SMU sacks 1 to 2
Texas State sacks 2 to 1
Houston Baptist rush yards 88 to 89
Houston Baptist sacks 1 to 0

North Texas sacks 0 to 1
Memphis rush yards 227 to 222
Memphis pass yards 275 to 280

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