March Madness Squares – AFA Fillies Board #2

If you don't see your name on here, it's because we have two boards.  Click the button that says Board #1 to see the other.

Squares cost $20 each. 1/2 proceeds go for payouts, and the other half goes to the AFA Fillies.

These squares are similar to Super Bowl Squares.  Take the last digit of each teams' final score to locate the square that wins.

The column on the left is the lower seed, and the row on the top is the higher seed.  Higher seed refers to the team with the better seed.  #1 is the best seed, and #16 is the worst seed.

If in the Final Four two teams with the same seed play each other, the overall seeding by the committee will determine the higher (better) seed.  See overall rankings tab.

Example: Final Score #5 Seed West Virginia - 94, #13 Seed Marshall - 71
In this case the higher seed's number is 4, and the lower seed's number is 1.  So the square to the right of the lower seed square with the 1, and below the higher seed square with the 4 is the winner.

Every single game in the tournament has a winner.  There are 63 chances to win.  First Four games will not be used.

1st Round Games - $5
2nd Round Games - $10
Sweet 16 - $20
Elite 8 - $30
Final Four - $100
Championship - $200